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The Best Places to Trade in Your iPhone

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January 12, 2024
Maximize Your Cash: Top Places to Trade in Your iPhone

When it's time to upgrade to the latest iPhone, you might consider selling your old one to recoup some of the costs. However, with a tone of platforms and options available, deciding where to sell your iPhone can be overwhelming. This guide should offer you some help to navigate through the choices, weigh the pros and cons, and select the best place to sell your old devices.

First, you should think about what's most important to you. There are generally three major considerations:

  • Speed: How quickly do you want to sell your iPhone?
  • Convenience: Are you looking for a hassle-free experience?
  • Price: Do you want to maximize the amount you get back?

There’s also another important factor that some people just don’t think that much about: safety. In person meetups and platforms that rely on person-to-person transactions are always going to introduce risk. Your priorities will significantly influence where you should sell your iPhone. Let’s take a look at some of those options.

Online Marketplaces


  • Potential for Higher Prices: You might get more money as you're selling directly to the buyer.
  • Control: You set the price and terms of the sale.


  • Time-Consuming: You'll need to manage listings, respond to inquiries, and potentially deal with negotiations.
  • Risk of Scams: There's always a risk when dealing with strangers online and many platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace can make it hard to file fraud claims.

Popular Options: eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace

Specialized Electronics Resellers


  • Convenience: They handle everything from inspection to payment.
  • Speed: Sell and get paid relatively quickly.
  • No Need for Personal Interaction: Avoid the hassle of meeting buyers.


  • Potentially Lower Prices: They need to resell at a profit, so offers might be lower than direct sales.

Popular Options: Gazelle, Swappa, Decluttr, TipTop

Trade-in Programs


  • Instant Transaction: Quick and often online.
  • Direct Discounts: Often provide credit towards your new purchase.
  • Reputable: Usually run by known companies like Apple or carriers.


  • Lower Value: Might not offer as much cash compared to other methods.
  • Store Credit: Often, you'll receive credit instead of cash.
  • Contracts: Carriers often require that you sign up for additional contracts, locking you in to more expense long term.

Popular Options: Apple Trade-In, carrier trade-in programs (e.g., Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile)

In-Person Sales


  • Immediate Payment: Get cash on the spot.
  • Negotiation: Ability to negotiate the price in person.


  • Safety Concerns: Risk involved in meeting strangers. Some police departments even set up ‘safe’ meeting spots to do these transactions because they’re so risky.
  • Availability: Depends on your location and timing and limits your overall reach to those people close to you.

Popular Options: Local tech swap meets, community bulletin boards

Which should you choose?

Here’s the brass tacks: you should choose the best balance between ease, price and safety for your situation. One of the reasons we created TipTop is because we felt that most people wanted a fair price for their device and they didn’t want to endure the inconvenience – or safety risks – of in person meetups or online auctions.

No matter what option you choose you should read reviews and policies to understand the platform's process, fees, and seller protections. You should also prepare your device for sale carefully. No matter where you sell, ensure your iPhone is in the best possible condition. A clean, functional phone will always sell for more. It’s important to be honest about your device’s condition. This can avoid disputes with buyers or returns. And, as always, stay safe. If you’re dealing in person, meet in a public place. For online sales, use secure payment methods and trusted platforms.

Selling your old iPhone can be a great way to offset the cost of a new device, but choosing where to sell it is a crucial decision. Whether you prioritize maximum profit, speed, convenience, or safety, there's a platform that fits your needs. Take the time to consider your priorities, research your options, and prepare your device to ensure a smooth and profitable sale. With the right approach, you can turn your old iPhone into valuable cash or credit towards your next upgrade.

We here at TipTop saw the need to create a simple, easy to use service that bypasses a lot of the hassle it normally takes to sell your old iPhone. But regardless of how and when you sell, we want everyone to be able to make informed decisions.

To help make sure you’re fully informed, we’ve also got some great guides that can help you clean up your old device or get it ready for sale.