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TipTop Shop lets you buy devices with trade ins and cash, instantly

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March 15, 2024
TipTop Shop lets you buy devices with trade ins and cash, instantly

Today, TipTop is launching its second consumer product, TipTop Shop.

Since we introduced TipTop late last year, we’ve had a lot of fun watching people discover how easy it actually should be to sell their used devices. With the ability to get an instant price on an item, cash it out and even get courier service to take it away, it really makes the experience of selling stuff magical.

Our early adopters have raved to us about how easy it is to sell and trade in devices for cash on TipTop, and we’re happy about that! But we’re just getting started.

The new version of the TipTop app now lets you sell items, trade them in and buy new, open box and refurbished products all in a single transaction.

Many of our customers are selling old devices in order to purchase new ones. Every time a hot new device gets released, we see increased sales activity. It’s only logical. But, until now, anyone trading a device in was faced with a bit of acrobatics. They’d have to find a trade in or selling platform, dodge being offered gift cards instead of cash and then, finally, make their new purchase.

Now, with TipTop Shop you can purchase an item and, at the same time, trade in any device from any manufacturer. This kind of cross brand, multi-category trade-in is an industry first, as other programs rely on multiple step transactions, gift cards or other complicated arrangements.

Want to trade in your Samsung Galaxy for a new iPad? No problem. An Apple HomePod mini for a solid discount on the new Nintendo Switch? You bet. Trading in your iPhone for a Nothing Phone? We can help with that. And TipTop can do it all in one tap.

You might be thinking to yourself ‘wait, I thought you could already do that?’

That’s why we built TipTop. You should be able to!

From our experience, we know that even though a customer might want or need an upgrade now and then, they aren’t always in need of the latest, most expensive models. This is why TipTop Shop lets you trade in items for any generation of device.

Trading in a device for a great condition refurbished item is super smart. We believe that smart customers who buy what they really want deserve to be treated just as well as those that buy the latest model just because it’s in fashion. That’s why we make the TipTop Promise a part of every trade in and every sale on TipTop Shop.

TipTop is building new ways to buy, sell and trade in. The TipTop Shop is our next step forward on that journey.

Download the TipTop app now to try it out. We think you’re gonna love it.