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What's Your iPhone Worth? Understanding Resale Value

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January 10, 2024
What's Your iPhone Worth? Understanding Resale Value

In the larger world of personal electronics, iPhones hold their worth fairly well. However, as new models continuously hit the market and you want to upgrade, you’ll likely start wondering how to tell just how much it’s worth. The worth of an iPhone is determined by a myriad of factors ranging from its physical condition to its technical specifications.

We here at TipTop saw the need to create a simple, easy to use service that bypasses a lot of the hassle it normally takes to sell your old iPhone. But regardless of how and when you sell your iPhone for cash, we want everyone to be able to make informed decisions.

This article aims to guide individuals looking to sell or trade in their old iPhones, providing a technical reference to understand the valuation process.

The Big One: Physical Condition

The physical condition of your iPhone is one of the primary determinants of its resale value. Typically, the categorization is as follows:

  • Mint Condition: No visible marks or scratches. Functions like new.
  • Good Condition: Minor signs of use, such as small scratches or slight wear.
  • Fair Condition: Noticeable signs of use, including scratches, dents, or screen cracks.
  • Poor Condition: Significant damage or functionality issues.

According to recent data, an iPhone in mint condition could sell for approximately 20-30% more than the same model in good condition. Conversely, an iPhone in poor condition might only fetch around 50-60% of the mint condition price.

Cleaning your iPhone can help to determine how much of the condition is just normal grit and grime and how much of it is permanently etched into your device’s wear and tear. If you need help getting your iPhone cleaned up and looking new, we’ve got a guide on that for you.

Technical Specifications

Beyond aesthetics, you’ll want to nail down your specific model you have. Newer models, of course, will be worth more money. But there are a few specifics to consider.

Capacity. According to our data, upgrading from 64GB to 256GB can increase the resale value by up to 15%.

Carrier Status. Unlocked iPhones typically have a higher resale value since they can operate on any network. If you’re under contract, your phone will be harder to sell. You can check this status at your carrier’s website.

Battery Health. iPhones with a battery health of over 80% maintain a better resale value. For help checking on your battery health, check this article out.


The resale value of iPhones is also significantly influenced by market demand and trends. The release of a new iPhone model generally leads to a depreciation in the value of older models. Seasonal trends, such as increased demand during holiday seasons, can also affect resale prices. There are simply going to be a lot more people trading in devices after big gifting events like Christmas or Black Friday.


Understanding the worth of your iPhone requires taking a few minutes to consider its physical state, technical specs, and the market dynamics. Whether you're trading in for the latest model or selling it for some extra cash, knowing the factors that influence its value can make sure that you get your item’s worth.